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Websites and Intranets

Websites and Intranets

You might wish to have professionally made website for your corporate services, private services or even for blogging services. It depends with your interests.

We can give you that and more.

We have experience of developing over 100 websites for individuals and corporates as well as organisations.

You only need to share with us what kind of website do you need. For example is it a website for displaying general information or is it a more specialised website.

Now all that can be developed after which we shall give you also a content management system called a CMS.

The CMS will make you have the ability to manage all the content by yourself.

This means that you won’t have to call us to post your content. With little training you will be able to manage all the content of the website.

We shall only come on board when we need to troubleshoot or extend your website to play other key roles.

Some of the areas you will be able to manage by yourself will include:

  • Slider
  • Pages
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Contacts
  • Emails etc

You might also wish to have an internal intranet of your company developed to help your internal communications.

We are here to do that for you.

Again we shall develop the platform and ensure that we incorporate all the necessary components that will make you meet all your needs comfortably.

Again we shall train you on management of these functions and components which will ensure that you meet all the necessary communication targets of your organisation.

To see a sample of a website we have developed please

Click here >>.Sample.

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