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Senior Loan Officer

Senior Credit/Loan Officer

Digital First MicroFinance Institution


Aropsaid Limited is launching a digital first microfinance institution and wishes to hire a Senior Credit/Loan Officer to facilitate lending to our clients. With 4 – 8 years experience it is crucial that the Officer has a progressive ‘technology first’ approach to micro lending while having a deep understanding of the underlying lending process, to support development of a small but rapidly growing organisation.


  • Digital onboarding of new clients including gathering of financial data and documentation;
  • Analyze risks and support decision making for approval or rejection of loan requests;
  • Understand and calculate financial ratios (e.g. credit scores and interest rates);
  • Actively support the development of internal credit scoring models and the technology underpinning it;
  • Make independent credit decisions as a senior member of the loan management staff, with an understanding of the organisation’s business model, risk and industry environment;
  • Be accountable for credit monitoring of the firm’s portfolio of clients including watchlist detection
  • Contact borrowers who fail to make their loan payments on time and work with borrowers to help them find a way to keep paying off the loan;
  • Manage defaulted loans and loan/collateral recovery process;
  • Be responsible independently and manage a team with responsibility for portfolios of clients;
  • Training and onboarding of new staff and management of teams;
  • Play an active decision making role on the internal Credit Committee;
  • Perform ongoing independent risk evaluation of the operating environment;
  • Active support in developing digital lending technologies/infrastructure and loan products;
  • Perform regular data quality control tests to ensure system integrity;
  • Active and ongoing monitoring and development of internal systems and processes to ensure that credit management functions comply with internal and regulatory requirements;
  • Engage in business development through engagement of third parties where required;
  • Support reporting and monitoring to organisational stakeholders.


  • Proven work experience as a Credit Loan Officer: 4 – 8 years minimum;
  • Hands-on similar experience with lending procedures and products in a microfinance institution;
  • Experience in building, developing and managing loan management teams in comparable institutions;
  • Strong analytical skills;
  • Strong technology acumen and ability to work within a progressive organisation underpinned by technology.
  • Ability to work under pressure independently and alongside COO and CEO.
  • Degree in Economics, Finance, Management or related field.
  • Clean Certificate of Police Clearance check.


  • x3 professional references should be available on request.
  • Salary expectations should be indicated as part of the application process.

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