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We believe in building potential, we believe in focus, talent and passion. We work relentlessly to bring the best out of everybody. We water gifts in our oasis and mentor to bring out the best.

We believe in gift making you dine with kings

Who Are We

We are focused, resilient, passionate and enthusiastic in what we do

Our Mission

Our Mission is to tranform lives of Kenyans, East Africans and Africans as a whole through technology

What We Do

We do software, we love it, and we also offer a lot of consultancy

Our History

Digital Oasis Ltd is an ICT based company that aims at bringing inclusiveness in ICT Solutions, which includes SMS platforms,Web platforms, ICT Supplies , security solutions, mobile applications, networking,International ICT links etc.

Our vision is to become one stop solutions for any ICT based interest.

We also wish to offer a platform for nourishing ICT ideas.Different ideas presented by the youths across East Africa will be nurtured and nourished for growth.

Our streagths are based on Trust,Quality,Integrity,Unity/Partnerships of Purpose and Quick Turn around time.

We are privileged to offer varied services to corporate institutions and individuals and organisations.

The services include: Website Development. SMS Platforms, Bulk SMS Services, Sacco Management System, Microfinance Management Systems etc.

Our 6-Degree Approach to Projects


Our approach is to discuss and identify your problem. We wish to know what is the challenge you are facing it.


After identifying the problem we seek to put it down in writing with key identifiers and parameters.


We then proceed to come up with a design matrix to the solution. Clearly identifying what are the solutions you need and how they can be addressed. 


We then begin the process of development, working on the design we formulated with the end goal in our mind.


After development of the solution, then we start the deployment process. This means setting up a server environment where the solution will be hosted and then installing the system accordingly.


After finalizing the deployment, we then proceed to train the users of the system accordingly and finally handover the system

Why Choose Us?

Our systems stand out in design. We always ensure we offer quality designs to our clients

We are always on standby to offer 24/7 support in case of any issue

We are result oriented. We look at the end product and ensure the end product meet the needs and requirements of the project

We have won about 8 awards  and recognitions and still progressing.

We are privileged to have access to some of the latest software technology in the world

Our team is highly qualified and professional. We have several years of experience and since we started our work speaks volume about experience.

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