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Uber-like Taxi Management System

Uber Like Online Taxi Management System.

Are you looking for a system that works like Uber Taxi Management System? Or Like other leading  Taxi Management systems such as Taxify, Little Cabs etc? If you are, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACElaughing.

We develop such systems in very friends rates .

Some of the features of this system are:

User Friendly Passenger App

The app is super easy to use, book a ride in 2 seconds.

Google Maps Navigation:-Easy navigation through the app helps you keep track of your trips.

Wallet :-Inbuilt wallet system in the app which will credit or debit according the trips.

Coupon:- Use a coupon to get a discount on your ride and enjoy many other discounts, in the future.

Live tracking:- Your Customers can always see where the nearest drivers are in real time in your customer facing mobile apps.

Fare estimate:-According to the distance of the ride, a fare is will be estimated to the user.

Powerful back-end:-The app will work efficiently and have instant response. The back end which will be hosted in a virtual server will ensure instant responses and monitoring of all requests from the system.

Secured payment:-The payment process is securely handled by stripe payment gateway for your safety or through any other agreed payment gateways.

Change/cancel booking:-Your customers have the comfort of changing or cancelling a booking at before ride.

Trip history:-Customers and Drivers can check the trip history and see where their previous points of service requests were.

Powerful Drivers App:-This app allows owners/drivers of taxis to register as drivers and they will be then approved by your Management and their details picked and they can start receiving alerts once clients makes a request to be carried by your Drivers.  

You could choose to register your own drivers alone or franchise the service so that other drivers as long as they have met your standards can be registered and offer the services under your company.

Several Varied Reports:- The backed which will be a registration and monitoring tool will give the management of your Cabs ability to generate reports which will include financial reports, trips reports, specific drivers reports to name but a few.

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