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Hospital Management System

I) Overview
What follows is a complete information about a Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) that developed under Open architecture using Oracleâ as the relational database management system and Oracle Forms 11gâ as development tool.

II) Why ATS?
There are many distinctive features that were established and observed throughout the duration of the history of; all gathered and made the as unique as it make sound. Those features summarized by the well-established history of excellence in performance, commitment to work, punctuality in delivery, the distinguished expertise accumulated in the company’s technical staff that includes high caliper in the field.

Our list of references shows that is a software house specialized in providing large scale, fully integrated solutions to environments that are complex in terms of procedures of work, such as universities, hospitals, factories, governmental agencies, oil & gas industry…etc.

In all of our projects, we delivered on or before the due date. We did not have any delay in delivering any of our projects. Our seniors who manage the projects have an excellent history in delivery and in project management.

We consider this as one of the most distinguished features that we have. Among our team, we have staffed who did research and did some publications in this area. We are committed to supporting many languages. This includes data conversion, data representation, code pages, We always provide a sound and elegant solution related to this issue.

Our technical staff is the most distinguished feature of our company. We are very proud to have such a staff. The seniors are highly qualified both from academic and experience point of view. They are graduates of distinguished universities from the US and the Arab World. The junior staff selected from the top list in the graduates from the computer science departments. They give extensive training and they are trained on state-of-the-art techniques of programming. We always look for commitment in the staff, dynamic character, and acceleration in learning.

In developing our applications, we adhere to standards such as Open Architecture, because we believe in protecting the investment of our clients. We believe that the software applications and data are one of the most valuable assets to our customers, thus changing the hardware should not affect the software applications. We use RDBMS such as ORACLE, and operating systems such as UNIX, NT to provide the portability and availability of the applications on different platforms. Issues such as security, integrity, consistency, help facilities, parametric handling and integration of the software applications are some of the issues that we always address and always taken care of in our applications.

Normally we provide an excellent support to our clients specially those who require a 24-hours, 7-days a week continuous operations like hospitals. Our main objective is to achieve a high degree of customer satisfaction. Our response time is immediate within maximum of 2 hours from the support request. During the implementation stage, our team is committed to our client and we remain resident until the system is fully running, there are contractual terms governing and regulating the relationship during each stage of the project.

III) Why CareWare?
is the outcome of team efforts and its extensive experience in transforming health care into technology. Our technical team alongside with health care consultants was able to design a new solution that can take care of the complex business process among all hospital departments. On the other hand, is a very user friendly so that medical staff no matter how hostile to technology they are. They could use it.

In other words, transformed health care technology into a user-friendly version, taking into consideration all the parameters in the healthcare market.

Patient Centric System, Designed to meet patient centric healthcare standards.
Single interface that enables the doctors to see and access patient information related to all encounters (inpatients, outpatients, emergency, appointments, referrals, walk-in, on call, messages…etc.).
Multiple healthcare information and technologies are integrated under single interface to allow doctors and clinicians to access patient’s historical clinical information, events, alarm, notes, messages…etc. that have been captured by hospital departments.
Single interface that enables the doctors to enter and place all kinds of orders and prescriptions and to view and receive related results and reports
Covering all pharmacy orders TPN, IV ADD-Mixtures, IV Compounding.
Central interface that allow doctors to explore, view and monitor all patient history and events captured by different hospital departments:
Historical encounters (IP, OPD, ER, Referrals, Appointments, Requests…etc. including all kinds of results and reports related to each single encounter.
Managing Future Appointments and Requests.
Explore and monitor all kind of LAB results.
Radiology examinations reports and images.
Prescriptions orders, Drug-Profile and MAR.
Complains, Problems, Diagnosis and Procedures.
Clinical notes and Clinical Forms.
Surgical operations.
Central patient’s events TIME LINE to access historical information.
Providing curves and graphs to monitor lab and repeated results.
Built in SMS engine to notify doctors, providers, clinicians and patients regarding PANIC results and events.
Central communication and emailing system to enable doctors, clinicians, providers, and medical staff to communicate regarding any patients or cases
Plenty and standard CLINICAL FORMS exist by default and cover most used forms in clinical area.
Forms can be customized and added upon user request and by hospital IT without any extra charges or quotations.
The integration of CareWare HMIS to the existing/coming clinical system is available and Plug & Play.
CareWare provide and embedded integration HL7 ENGINE as part of the solution.
Integration can be fully controlled, managed and monitored by hospital resources.

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