Admission and Central Registration Module


This is the entry point in the hospital; a patient registered in the hospital and his/her personal information entered here. At this stage, it does not matter wither he/she is an inpatient, outpatient, or an emergency patient. The patient's status determines the relevant files and procedures to be applied, and hence what to charge him/her. For example if he/she is an inpatient, then a room/bed has to assign and he/she has to admit to the relevant ward. Other procedures like insurance, companion, guarantor, and collateral...etc. have to evoke.


There are several sub-systems in this module. All other major modules and sub-systems will be using the admission data and will access the databases used in this module particularly, the patient's accounting and billing system.


Main Features


  • Centralized electronic medical records
  • Creates basic demographic record of inpatient.
  • Allows Pre-admission reservation.
  • Admission handling.
  • Keeps record of historical medical data, and relevant data of previous encounters.
  • Handles referrals and transfer of patients.
  • Handles class given and class requested, with reference to insurance contract if available.
  • Deals with isolation.
  • Expedites emergency admissions.
  • Manages transfer between classes including ICU/CCU.
  • Charges are captured and posted automatically taking into consideration all transfers and movements of a patient.
  • Prints labels at time of admission and when needed.
  • Coordinates bed assignment.
  • Inquiries about vacant and occupied beds at hospital.
  • Allows diet identification of an inpatient.
  • Allows reservation of more than one bed for a single patient.
  • Handles normal and death discharge; financial related activities are completed upon discharge.
  • Generates Bill for all expenses at time of discharge.
  • Issues claims for insurance companies.
  • Issues invoices and vouchers.
  • Updates accounts of hospital and doctors accordingly.
  • Generates discharge summary containing ICD-9-CM coding of the major procedures applied to the inpatient at a current encounter along with the main diagnosis, and identifies if any follow up needed.