Awards and Recognitions

1.Our Director, Moses Gitonga Ntiritu, after beating a pool of 189 nominees in the entrepreneurship awards in the 2014-2015 Citi Bank-AMFI Awards. He won 3 awards-Gold Youth Urban, Gold Service Category and the Overall Platinum Award .

( Above: From L to R), Former CENTRAL BANK GOVERNOR Proffessor Njuguna Ndungu, Moses Gitonga Ntiritu, East Africa CITI BANK CEO- Madam Joyce Ann Wainaina)


2.Daystar University Alumni Award 2016. Our director scooped business progression award 2016.

3. Our Director Moses Gitonga holds Rising Star Award South Africa, Kenyan Version, 2014 ICT Category.

4. Our director holds a recognition trophy by Kenya Wildlife Service after being recongnised for the efforts of his company in using technology to combat poaching.



Turbo Cash-East Africa Local Deployment Partner


We are officially appointed as East Africa's Local installation and deployment partner for Turbo Cash, a leading software in accounting. The system will solve any form of accounting challenge that you might need.

Please see some of the features of Turbo Cash 4. We are already on a bigger and more extended version Turbo Cash 5

called Accounting Made Easy

Easy setup
-Easy setup wizards
-Country-specific accounts
-Design your own invoices 
-Create your own accounts chart
Install TurboCASH Screenshot



Powerful Accounting Software
-256 batches
-10 bank accounts
-999 sets of books 
-12000 accounts & 24000 sub-accounts
-40000 debtors & creditors
-64000 stock items
Create Set of Books Screenshot


-General Ledger
-VAT/GST accounting
-Full stock control
Create Debtor Account Screenshot


-Batch entry system
-Credit notes/Stock returns
-Bank reconciliation
-Point of Sale
Invoicing Screenshot


Comprehensive Reporting
-Trial Balance, Cash Flows
-Income Statement, Balance Sheet
-Debtors/Creditors Analysis 
-Stock Items Analysis
-Sales and Purchase Analysis
-Customised User Reports
-VAT/Tax Reports
Reporting Screenshot


-Multiple users
-Year end procedures
-T-account viewer
-XML Import/Export
-Context-sensitive help
Help System Screenshot



Point of Sale (POS) For Hotels, Restaurants,Stores, Coffee Shops etc.

Loyverse Best Free Mobile POS

Sell from a smartphone or tablet

  • Loyverse Free POS works on iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone and tablet.
  • Printed or electronic receipts  the receipt to customers in a way they prefer: printed, sent to an email or through the Loyalty Ocean app.
  • Refunds
  • Refund the selected item or all items on the receipt.
  • Cash management
  • Track cash movement to reduce mistakes and staff manipulation.
  • Discounts
  • Apply discounts to the receipt or specific items.
  • Open tickets
  • Create, save and edit orders. Customers can pay when it's convenient.
  • Item modifiers
  • Modify orders easily. Choose add-ons to dishes or how they're prepared in one click.
  • Work offline
  • Make sales with weak or unstable internet. All data will be automatically synced once connection is restored.
  • Hardware
  • Supported hardware: receipt printer (Ethernet or Bluetooth), barcode scanner (Bluetooth or USB), cash drawer.
  • Multiple Locations
  • Manage multiple stores under one account. Track your sales, inventory, employees and customers — everything you need to know in one place.
  • Credit card payments (USA only)
  • Accept credit and debit cards using Loyverse POS integration with leading card processors.

Inventory Management

  • Items import
  • Quickly add thousands of items using the CSV-spreadsheets.
  • Track inventory
  • Track the stock of products and their components.
  • Low stock notifications
  • Receive daily notifications about low stock to make the necessary item orders in time.

Employee Management

  • Sales by employees
  • Track each employee performance and take informed business decisions.
  • Smart management
  • Information on the workload per hour allows for efficient management of your staff.

Access rights

  • Manage access to sensitive information and functions.
  • Sales Analytics
  • Sales trend
  • Track the sales growth or decline compared with the previous day, week, and month and promptly react to changes.
  • Popular items
  • Sales by item analytics allows the best-selling items to be determined and therefore the right purchasing decisions can be made.


  • Identify the cash lack at the end of the shift and track employees inaccuracy or manipulations.
  • Receipts history
  • Receipts history review allows you to monitor each transaction: sales, refunds, discounts.
  • Tax report
  • Browse reports on the tax amount needed to be paid and save time for their calculation.
  • Reports export
  • Export sales data to the spreadsheets for detailed analysis.

Loyalty Program

  • Customers database
  • Analyze the number of visits and the customer purchases amount, to identify your most loyal customers.
  • Points reward program
  • Motivate customers to make recurring purchases, awarding them bonus points.
  • Notes about customers
  • Make notes about customers to remember each client's personal preferences and to provide the best service.


Customer Communication

  • Feedback
  • Customer app (Loyalty Ocean) allows visitors to leave private feedback. View messages and respond in real time.
  • Direct message marketing
  • Send free messages about promotions, events and sales to your customers' mobile app.
  • Restaurant & Bar Features

Kitchen Printers

  • Use kitchen printers at cafe or restaurant to inform cooking staff what to prepare from an order.
  • Kitchen Display System
  • Get orders to kitchen automatically, faster and with less errors. Less paper, less mess. Save and go green.



Moses Gitonga Ntiritu-Director and Co-Founder

Moses is a leader in content industry in Kenya. His experience in digital content dates back to the year 2006 when his ICT talents were discovered by the former Executive Director of Sidian Bank Kenya, Ms. Carol Musyoka.

Moses led the communications office of the bank before leaving in 2009 Dec to form Bluesplyne Studios Limited, the pioneer award winning 3D animation company in Kenya, Bluesplyne Studios Ltd.( www.bluesplynestudios.com)

Moses also co-founded Digital Works before moving and registered Digital Oasis Ltd.

Moses has won over 6 awards and recognitions  in Entrepreneurship and ICT Industries.

He is a graduate of Daystar University.



Lead Programmers.

Jamlek Maina.


Jamlek Maina is a reknowned mobile apps development expert. A graduate from JKUAT( Jomo Kenyatta University), Jamlek has risen to become a leader in mobile based apps. Jamlek has also won 3 awards including Safaricom Apps development competition. He is an expert in Android Studio and PHP coding languages. He is a lead programmer at Digital Oasis Ltd.

  Humphrey Shamalla


Humphrey is well recognized software engineer with qualifications from UK in programming. A gradate of Ubertay University in Scotland, Humphrey has risen in ICT circles here in Kenya to become a leader in Mobile based platforms such as shortcode platforms, USSD platforms and bulk sms. He is also a strong guru in MYSQL databases among others.



Microfinance & Sacco Management System ( Core Banking) System


Microfinance & Sacco Management ( Core Banking) System 

We are privileged to offer one of the best Microfinance and Sacco Software in the region.

Initiated by Grameen Foundation, and  designed  by Mifos Initiative is USA, Mifos X is a prime software which enables a microfinance or Sacco to be able to do this and many more:

Clients, Groups, and Centers


All features related to the creation and management of these entities and their movement through a state process flow (partial application, pending approval, approved/active, on hold, closed, canceled).

  • Uniqueness check for clients as per government ID. If no government, then uniqueness check on name + birth date.
  • Loan cycle at client level
  • Support for client photos
  • Move groups & clients to different centers and/or branches
  • Add notes to client, group and center detail pages
  • Charge clients, groups, and centers penalties and one-time and periodic fees
  • Assign group and center officer titles to clients
  • Turn Center hierarchy "off" (See configuration)
  • Support for individual clients outside of groups and centers
  • Branch-level holidays and loan moratoriums

Loan Products & Loan Accounts

  • Support for group and individual loans
  • Define unlimited number of loan product types
  • Interest calculations:
  • Flat
  • Declining balance–equal monthly installments (EMI)
  • Declining balance - equal principal installments
  • Declining balance - interest recalculation (new in Mifos 2.1!) 
  • Ability to schedule loan disbursals and repayments independent of meeting schedules
  • Loan defaults based on previous loan amounts or cycle
  • Define grace periods for full loan repayments and for principal payments  
  • Support for periodic fees, fees deducted at disbursement, one-time fees, and penalty charges
  • Support for early & partial loan repayments
  • Support for early and partial repayment of fees (new in Mifos 2.1!)
  • Display of loan repayment schedules and detail loan account activity pages
  • Automatic update of repayment schedule if client/group’s meeting day changes
  • Variable loan installments (new in Mifos 2.1!)
  • Abiility for clients to have loans with multiple frequencies (Upcoming in Maya G)
  • Support for adjustments
  • Undo loan disbursals
  • Redo loan disbursals
  • Multiple loan adjustments
  • Automatically change loan account state:
  • from "good standing" to "in arrears" when payments are late
  • from “in arrears” to “good standing” when all outstanding and overdue payments are made
  • to “closed—obligation met” when all loan payments are complete
  • Repay total loan at any point in loan cycle
  • Add notes to loan records
  • Minimal support for loan rescheduling
  • Support for back-dated payments
  • Ability to generate voucher and receipts directly from loan account page

Savings Product & Savings Accounts

  • Define an unlimited number of savings products
  • Set-up "Voluntary" or "Mandatory" accounts with specific minimum deposits for mandatory accounts and "suggested" deposits for voluntary accounts (i.e., a suggested, non-binding savings plan)
  • Add notes to savings record
  • Specify "auto creation" of savings accounts when a client is approved and made active 

 Question Groups and Progress out of Poverty Index (PPITM) Tracking

  • Support to capture Progress out of Progress Index data for scorecards from 34 countries
  • Support for versioning of PPI Scorecards
  • Ability to create question groups with different sections and six question types including Smart Select, Multi Select, Single Select, Free Text, Numbers, and Dates.
  • Ability to attach question groups to any record including clients, groups, centers and savings and loan accounts and any stage of your workflow including the view stage, create stage, approval stage, etc. 

Search & Browse for Clients & Accounts

  • Search for client, group, and center by name or system ID. Includes support for "like" searches (i.e., searching for "S" will display all clients with first and last names that start with S.
  • Search for loan or savings account by account ID
  • Search by Government ID
  • Browse ("drill down") by Branch, Loan Officer, Center, and Group 


  • Define up to 5 levels of office hierarchy (Branch Office, Regional Office, Sub-Area Office, Area Office, Head Office) to assign offices to appropriate level

System Users, Permissions, and Data Scope

  • Create, modify and delete roles with associated permissions
  • Create system users, assign users to an office and assign roles & permissions to system users
  • Transfer a user to a different office

Setup, Configuration & Localization

  • Mifos localized in English, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Portuguese, and Chinese. (Easy to localize to other languages)
  • Ability to specify all install-time configurations through a simple properties file
  • User-interface to configure Mifos configurations
  • Rename labels, define look-up options and hide particular fields
  • Turn "centers" on/off, define whether/not groups can receive loans, whether/not clients can exist outside a group
  • Configure currency and rounding rules (round up/down by how many digits)
  • Specify supported payment types (cash, voucher, checks)
  • Define unlimited custom fields for client, group, center, accounts and system users 
  • Client rules: client hierarchy (whether/not centers exist), whether/not groups can receive loans, whether/not clients can exist outside of a group
  • : time zone, language, number of minutes before session timeout
  • Checklist definition: create and modify checklists that list "reminders" to system users moving accounts into new states
  • Ability to restrict product mix
  • Ability to schedule holidays and loan moratoriums (office and branch-wide) and have loan, savings, and fee schedules automatically updated
  • Define customized text labels throughout system 


Financial Transactions & Accounting Support

  • Support for configuring Mifos with the MFI's Chart of Accounts and corresponding GL codes
  • Recording of debits/credits against appropriate GL codes
  • Definition of funding sources 
  • Integration with Tally 9 (accounting software for India)
  • Plug-in to support the import of banking transactions into Mifos
  • Plug-in to support the import of M-PESA mobile money transactions  into Mifos

Bulk & Batch Processes

  • Bulk-enter collection sheet data
  • Bulk-approve loans, moving them from “pending approval” to “approved”
  • Bulk create loans

Audit trails

  • For clients, groups, centers, loan accounts, system users, and product definition

 Login & Security

  • User locked if incorrect password entered 5 times
  • Prompt to change password after first login


  • BIRTreporting system integrated into Mifos; Transition to Pentaho for reporting underway.
  • Data warehouse for ease of building and running new reports. 
  • 25 standard reports:
  • BIRT: Collection Sheet Report, Branch Cash Confirmation Report, Branch Progress Report, Detailed Loan Arrears Aging, General Ledger Report
  • Pentaho:Due vs Collected by Branch, Due vs Collected by Loan Officer, Loan Officer Detailed, Loan Officer Summary, Loan Classification by Product, Outstanding Balance by Funds, Funds Movement, MFI Progress, Mifos Transactions - Detailed, Mifos Transactions - Summary
  • Group Collection Sheet (MPESA), Center Collection Sheet, Branch Expected Cash Flow, Due vs Collected by Center, PPI Data Export in Excel and Enhancements, Client Exit, To Be Disbursed, Loans Pending Approval, Balance Outstanding, MPESA reports - Export Loan Disbursals and Extract Summary
  • Additional standard reports. 
  • Ability to create and upload custom reports into Mifos
  • Ability to create and upload receipt and vouchers available directly from loan account pages


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